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ANT Sacknowledges that learners sometimes may have personal issues that can impact on their capacity to participate in learning.

In the event you may need to access support services we can assist you.

For example, you might be feeling anxious / worried/ scared, or being harassed, discriminated or bullied or having health issues or feeling threatened or it may be family or legal issues, it can be a variety of things that you might not be coping with as well as you should.

We can help

Your contact is the “Student Support Officer” located at Sutherland.

There is no need to make an appointment just ask

Our Student support officer will talk to you about any issue in confidence and will do everything possible to steer you to the right people or services, who can assist you.

The service we provide you is free of cost although you may be charged for the referral Services delivered by Government, Semi Government agencies or person.

Please refer to the student handbook for more information.